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Two members of the POLST Illinois Committee recently collaborated with 10 other organizations on the Illinois POLST and Advance Directives Registry advisory committee. . The committee, representing various stakeholders for POLST and end - of - life care issues, assisted the Illinois Department of Public Health in drafting a report required under a law passed in 2018.

The report proposed necessary capabilities for a limited statewide registry of POLST forms, described potential challenges to its feasibility, and suggested ways to improve its viability. The committee and state agency concluded that a proposed statewide registry for POLST forms is a feasible endeavor for Illinois if the state initially limits registry capabilities and content to solely POLST forms and pursues a public - private partnership to fund the registry using existing technology procured from a third - party vendor.

The committee recommended next steps to put Illinois in the best position possible to implement the statewide POLST registry, including further defining the system, obtaining rough capital and operating cost estimates, and exploring partnerships with external stakeholders to assist in running the system.

The IL Department of Public Health stated that developing the proposed statewide registry will prove a challenge but one the state can overcome in collaboration with the right partners.

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